Uses of RFID Tags in School You Need To Know

uses of rfid tags in shchool

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags have increasingly become part of school systems. The technology has helped in increasing safety, efficiency, and accuracy.

Students carry a tag on their uniforms, which contains all the details necessary for their identification. This article analyzes the benefits that a school can accrue by adopting an RFID tag system.

How to Integrate RFID Tags into School Systems

RFID tags are used as a replacement for traditional lock-and-key systems. An RFID system for schools has several components that must work together to achieve the ultimate goal. They include:

  • An RFID Tag. RFID tags are embedded in different items, such as identification cards, wristbands, and badges. These tags contain programmed information that the RFID readers can read. Each student must have a tag that contains details such as their admission number, name, picture, course, and other relevant information.
  • An RFID Reader. This device is in charge of receiving signals transmitted by the tags. They are positioned at various locations around the school like hallways, classrooms, cafeterias, and recreational areas. The readers can also be used to track students who are on break or late for class. RFID readers are connected to the school’s CCTVs and systems for keeping track of students.
  • The School’s Network. This is used in relaying information from the RFID reader to other devices that are part of the school’s system. The RFID tag transmits identification data, which is then relayed through the network to the main control center.
  • The Main Control Center. This is where different pieces of information are stored for future reference by the school’s administration. Most schools use software to compile and analyze data before making any decisions or taking further actions to improve their system.
  • Schools must ensure all these components work optimally. If any of them is defective, it will distort the operations of the entire system!

Benefits of RFID Tags in School Systems

RFID tags have helped schools achieve several objectives. Some important benefits of RFID tags in school systems are:

  • Improved Security

RFID tags have improved the security of all students and staff members. The presence of an RFID system reduces the number of human errors, which can harm or cause inaccurate information to be leaked out. For example, the school can use its RFID system to know exactly where students are, whether in class or not.

  • Enhanced Efficiency

RFID tags have improved the efficiency of teachers and students. The time that is spent writing attendance details on a register can be saved by using RFID tags. Teachers only need to check their systems to know how many students are present in class! 

Students do not make several trips to the school office to complete enrollment formalities. They simply need to carry their tags all the time for quick access by teachers or administrators.

  • Increased Accuracy

RFID tags have enhanced accuracy in various activities at schools. They ease record-keeping, which has helped in keeping track of events, attendance, and classes.

Information that has been recorded in the main control center is also more accurate since no student can alter it or delete it without authorization.

  • Better Data Management

RFID tags have helped schools in managing data to improve school management and decision-making. Because of the presence of RFID systems, it is very easy for administrators to know who their students and employed staff members are. This makes it much easier to handle any administrative duties like paying teachers or updating information on both students and teachers!

How RFID Tags are used in School Systems

School management software is usually cloud-based. This means your school can easily connect to it just by using an internet connection. Every piece of information is usually recorded in the software, which can then be analyzed for various purposes. 

RFID technology comes in handy in providing specific details about any student who has ever gone through the system. Here are a few of the uses of RFID tags in school systems:

  • RFID tags in Libraries

Libraries need RFID systems more than any other department in a school. Students use them to check out books and return them on time for picking up new ones.

This has helped libraries manage the number of books they have at a time since no book can be taken outside until it is presented at the counter or returned!

  • RFID tags in Security

Some schools have started using RFID systems to monitor the areas where students and staff members are supposed to be in. The presence of an RFID system thus ensures efficient time management and enhanced accountability. 

  • RFID tags in Attendance Records

The presence of RFID systems makes it easy for teachers and students to enter and exit a school. The school knows exactly which classes each student is attending at any time. 

Because the system uses biometrics, no teacher can leave the class before the school knows about it. And because RFID tags eliminate human errors and fail-proof record keeping, attendance records are always accurate and updated!

  • RFID tags in Payments and Fees

The presence of an RFID system makes it very easy for schools to collect payments from students. This system can be integrated with school management software. 

Yet another advantage of this system is the ability to identify a student by scanning his/her tag. This makes it easy for schools to allocate monthly fees from parents!

  • RFID tags in Lost and Found

Identifying the owner of a lost item can be a hassle, especially if there are no identification details printed on it. In most cases, such items are placed on notice boards, which is an ineffective technique.

However, the use of RFID technology can help solve this problem. When an item containing an RFID tag is found, all that’ll be required is scanning the tag using an RFID reader. This provides all the required identification details in seconds! 

Are RFID Tags in School Worth It?

Using RFID technology in schools helps teachers and administrators manage their schools more efficiently.

The system facilitates ease of recording and updating information, which helps to ensure all data remains accurate and updated at all times!

RFID tags help schools eliminate incidents that may cause financial loss or interfere with the smooth running of a school.

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