RFID Access Control Bracelets for Event

RFID access control Bracelets for event

Whether you’re organizing a large event or a small get-together, access control is key to ensure that only validated guests gain entry. One way to manage access is through RFID bracelets.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how RFID bracelets work and some of the benefits of using them for your next event. Read on.

What is RFID?

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a technology that uses electromagnetic fields to identify and track tags attached to objects. Every tag contains a unique identifier, usually in form of numbers and letters.

The tags release radio waves containing the information. RFID readers then receive the waves and send the information to a central processing computer. Once the data is decoded, the system implements the command. The entire process is super-fast and takes a few seconds!

What are RFID Access Control Bracelets for Event?

RFID bracelets are wearable items that can be used to control access via RFID readers. They are very similar to proximity cards in that they have one identification number, which an RFID reader scans to grant access to the bearer of the bracelet.

Each RFID bracelet has the following components:

  • RFID Chip. This contains the identifying data (the ID number) of the bracelet. It’s what is scanned by an RFID reader when you wave it over your wrist.
  • RFID Antenna. This lets the chip transmit data to the reader wirelessly through radio waves.
  • Substrate Material. This is the outside part of the bracelet, or what makes it wearable. Common substrate materials are plastic and rubber. Weight depends on the material used.
  • Lamination (Optional). This protects the components of the RFID bracelet from wear and tear of normal use. When laminated, no liquids can affect the inner components of the device.

How RFID Access Control Bracelets Work

RFID bracelets work in much the same way that proximity cards do. The main difference is that you wear the bracelet around your wrist instead of taking it out when needed. Here are some important points to remember when using RFID bracelets:

  • You should place RFID readers next to your entry points. Do not place them too far from doors and gates, otherwise, your guests will have a hard time scanning their bracelets as they enter.
  • Do not store personally identifiable information on RFID bracelets (such as name and contact details). Instead, use a unique code/ID that corresponds to the attendee’s data in your system.This way, no personal data is compromised without your consent.
  • RFID readers should be checked and calibrated at least a day before your event starts. Ensure that the readers work correctly even in areas with poor lighting.

Overall, using RFID bracelets to control access is a great option. They are hassle-free and guests can easily wear them around their wrists. Add an extra element of security for your party by using these access control products.

Benefits of Using RFID Bracelets

You will get myriad benefits when you use RFID bracelets for event management. They include:

  • Fast and Convenient. RFID bracelets are easy to use and distribute to guests. You do not need to worry about giving out badges or cards, printing lists of names and contact details, or issuing multiple electronic devices for different tasks.
  • Multi-Use. While you can use an RFID bracelet only for access control, it has many other uses. For example, you can use it as a marketing tool or send messages to your guests. You can even customize the design of the RFID bracelets to promote your brand or event.
  • Perfect for Large Events. RFID bracelet scanners are perfect if you want to control access to a large-scale or multicomponent event. You can use different “zones” for entry points and unique RFID frequency channels for each client. This way, you cannot mix up the data encoded on the chips of guests in different zones or with different frequency channels.
  • Enhanced Security. RFID bracelets are also safe to use. The chip is encased in a metal shielding that prevents it from being read by unauthorized persons or electronic devices.
  • Theft Deterrent. Using RFID chips instead of magnetic strips, bar codes, or QR codes is another way to prevent theft. Since the information stored in the chip of an RFID bracelet cannot be hacked, it enhances security and prevents unwelcome people from entering your event without paying for it.

RFID Bracelet Types

RFID bracelets come in different types, depending on the material used for their construction. They are also classified based on the type of RFID tags used

  • Active RFID Bracelets

Active RFID bracelets use internal power to broadcast signals that can be picked by RFID scanners 100 feet away. These broadcast frequencies change constantly, so it is difficult to intercept and reuse them.

These bracelets use a lot of energy and must be replaced after three months to six months, depending on how often they are used. They also require frequent charging or battery replacement.

  • Passive RFID Bracelets

Passive RFID bracelets do not need batteries because they get power from RFID readers when in proximity. They only work within a few inches and cannot be reused.

You can make passive RFID bracelets from conductive materials such as paper, plastic, or metal strips. It is best to use them with disposable or clip-type locks because they do not need to stay in a place like other types of RFID bracelets. These are the easiest to make and least expensive.

  • Semi-active RFID Bracelets

Semi-active RFID bracelets use a battery but only need it for clock synchronization or other similar functions. Once they are activated, semi-passive RFID bracelets use the power from the reader to do their main job: broadcast data.

These types of RFID bracelets are good for events with a high turn-out because they can be reused multiple times. They are better than active RFID since they are easier to maintain. A lot of masters use them for VIP guests or employees who need access to restricted areas.

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