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RFID wristbands refer to wristbands that have an RFID chip inbuilt into them. The chips are capable of storing data and can be re-programmable.

These wristbands offer a convenient and secure way to store personal information, medical data, and access control details. They come in different colors, sizes, and shapes to suit the needs of different users.

Wearable RFID wristbands are made from high-quality materials that make them durable and comfortable to wear. They can also be customized to offer waterproof, stretch-resistant, and tamper-proof features.

This technology is an ideal solution for events, festivals, concerts, and clubs as they provide a quick and easy way to identify guests. They can also be used for access control and security purposes.

  • Wearable & Comfortable. RFID wristbands are designed to be comfortable and easy to wear. They are customized to ensure that they fit perfectly on your wrist without causing any discomfort.
  • Different Operating Frequencies. You can find RFID wristbands in multiple frequencies such as low (125 kHz), high (13.56MHz), and ultra-high frequency (868MHz & 915MHz). You should choose the right frequency according to your needs.
  • Highly Customizable. RFID wristbands can be modified to include desired features. For example, you can have print logos on them. This high personalization ensures that your wristbands perfectly represent your brand.
  • Waterproof & Stretch-resistant. If you want your RFID wristbands to be waterproof, you can have them customized accordingly. The manufacturer will achieve this by using silicone, PVC, or TPU.
  • Access Control. RFID wristbands can be used for controlling access to certain areas. For example, they can be used to restrict entry into a VIP area or a backstage area in a concert. Organizations can also use them to keep track of employees’ whereabouts.
  • Identification. RFID wristbands can be used for identifying guests in events such as weddings, parties, and conferences. They can also be used for tracking patients in hospitals and keeping track of school children.
  • Ticketing. RFID wristbands can be used as tickets for concerts, festivals, sporting activities, and other events. They offer a quick and easy way to scan tickets and prevent ticket fraud.
  • Payment. RFID (NFC) wristbands can be linked to your credit card or bank account and used for making payments. This is a convenient way to make transactions without carrying cash or cards.
Hitag 12048bitISO11784/11785Read&WriteDownload
MIFARE Classic 1k(S50)1K   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Classic 4k(S70)4K   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Ultralight EV 1512bitISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Ultralight C192   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Plus EV2(2K)2K   ByteISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Plus EV2(4K)4K   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Plus SE(2K)2K   ByteISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Plus SE(4K)4K   ByteISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Plus X(2K)2K   ByteISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Plus X(4K)4K   ByteISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Desfire Light640   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Desfire EV3(2K)2K   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Desfire EV3(4K)4K   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Desfire EV3(8K)8K   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
NTAG 213144   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
NTAG 215504 BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
NTAG   216888   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
NTAG 213 Tag Temper144   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
NTAG 424 DNA416   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
NTAG 424 DNA Tag Tamper416   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
ICODE SLIX896   bitsISO15693/ISO   18000-3M1Read&WriteDownload
ICODE SLIX 22528   bitsISO15693/ISO   18000-3M1Read&WriteDownload
ICODE SLIX-L256   bitsISO15693/ISO   18000-3M1Read&WriteDownload
ICODE SLIX-S1280   bitsISO15693/ISO   18000-3M1Read&WriteDownload
ICODE DNA2016   bitsISO15693/ISO   18000-3M1Read&WriteDownload
Tag-It™ HF-I Standard (TI 256)256   ByteISO15693Read&WriteDownload
Tag-It™ HF-I Plus (TI 2048)2K   BytesISO15693Read&WriteDownload
Higgs 396   bit epc,512 bit userEPC   Class1 Gen2/ISO 18000 6CRead&WriteDownload
Higgs 4128   bit epc,512 bit userEPC   Class1 Gen2/ISO 18000 6CRead&WriteDownload
MONZA 4QT128   bit epc,512 bit userEPC   Class1 Gen2/ISO 18000 6CRead&WriteDownload
Monza 5128   bit epc,32 bit userEPC   Class1 Gen2/ISO 18000 6CRead&WriteDownload
Monza R696bit   epcEPC   Class1 Gen2/ISO 18000 6CRead&WriteDownload
Monza R6-P96bit   epc,32 bit userEPC   Class1 Gen2/ISO 18000 6CRead&WriteDownload
UCODE 7128   bit epcEPC   Class1 Gen2/ISO 18000 6CRead&WriteDownload
UCODE 7m128   bit epcEPC   Class1 Gen2/ISO 18000 6CRead&WriteDownload
Ucode 8128   bit epcEPC   Class1 Gen2/ISO 18000 6CRead&WriteDownload
Ucode 8m96   bit epc,32 bit userEPC   Class1 Gen2/ISO 18000 6CRead&WriteDownload
UCODE DNA224bit   epc,3072 bit userEPC   Class1 Gen2/ISO 18000 6CRead&WriteDownload

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FAQs - RFID Wristbands

RFID wristbands contain an RFID chip that can store data. The chip is capable of emitting radio waves that can be read by an RFID reader. When the wristband is brought close to the reader, it transmits the stored data which can be used for various purposes such as identification, ticketing, and payments.

Yes, RFID wristbands are safe. The data stored on the chips is encrypted and can only be read by authorized readers. This ensures that your personal information is protected against unauthorized access.

You can reprogram an RFID wristband by using an RFID writer. The writer will overwrite the old data on the chip and store new data in its place.

Yes, RFID wristbands can be reused. However, you can still get disposable RFID wristbands for one-time use.

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