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NFC cards are smart cards that use near-field communication technology to communicate with a reader. They operate at 13.56 MHz, the same frequency as HF RFID tags.

These cards follow the NFC Forum guidelines, ensuring interoperability with any NFC device. As such, you can use NFC cards on any reader that supports the NFC protocol.

The most common type is the credit card-sized card, which can be used for contactless payments, access control, and other applications. Their small size makes them convenient to carry and easy to store.

ItemNFC Cards
MaterialABS, PVC,PET, Wooden
Reading distance0-10cm
Write Endurance100000  times
Working Temperature-25°C  to 65°C
Data Retention Time10 years
Printing OptionsLaser Engraving,Silkscreen LOGO, Encoding  data,etc.
Crafts AvailableLogo  or number printing, Bar code, QR code, etc.
SamplesFree  samples
  • Uses High-Frequency Protocol. This card type uses the HF protocol and operates at 13.56 MHz. It is regulated by ISO and other international standards bodies. These regulations ensure that the card will work with any NFC-compliant device.
  • A Short Read Distance. NFC cards have a read distance of up to 10 cm. The read distance is affected by the reader, tag type, and antenna used.
  • Can Be Customized. NFC cards can be customized with your company logo or any other branding.
  • Contactless Payments

NFC cards can be linked to your credit or debit card account and used for contactless payments. This is a convenient way to pay for goods and services without carrying cash or a physical card.

Stores that accept NFC payments will have a contactless payment terminal. To pay, you simply hold your card up to the terminal and wait for the transaction to be processed.

  • Access Control

NFC cards can be used for access control to buildings, offices, and other restricted areas. When scanned by an NFC reader, the card can unlock doors, gates, and other barriers.

This is a convenient way to control access to sensitive areas without keys or codes. It is also more secure than traditional methods, as the card can be quickly deactivated if lost or stolen.

  • Event Tracking

NFC cards help track attendees at events, including conferences, seminars, and trade shows. This is a convenient way to keep records of who is attending which event and when.

To use this application, attendees simply scan their NFC card at the event entrance. The data can then be exported to a spreadsheet or database for further analysis.

Hitag 12048bitISO11784/11785Read&WriteDownload
MIFARE Classic 1k(S50)1K   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Classic 4k(S70)4K   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Ultralight EV 1512bitISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Ultralight C192   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Plus EV2(2K)2K   ByteISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Plus EV2(4K)4K   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Plus SE(2K)2K   ByteISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Plus SE(4K)4K   ByteISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Plus X(2K)2K   ByteISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Plus X(4K)4K   ByteISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Desfire Light640   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Desfire EV3(2K)2K   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Desfire EV3(4K)4K   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Desfire EV3(8K)8K   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
NTAG 213144   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
NTAG 215504 BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
NTAG   216888   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
NTAG 213 Tag Temper144   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
NTAG 424 DNA416   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
NTAG 424 DNA Tag Tamper416   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
ICODE SLIX896   bitsISO15693/ISO   18000-3M1Read&WriteDownload
ICODE SLIX 22528   bitsISO15693/ISO   18000-3M1Read&WriteDownload
ICODE SLIX-L256   bitsISO15693/ISO   18000-3M1Read&WriteDownload
ICODE SLIX-S1280   bitsISO15693/ISO   18000-3M1Read&WriteDownload
ICODE DNA2016   bitsISO15693/ISO   18000-3M1Read&WriteDownload
Tag-It™ HF-I Standard (TI 256)256   ByteISO15693Read&WriteDownload
Tag-It™ HF-I Plus (TI 2048)2K   BytesISO15693Read&WriteDownload
Higgs 396   bit epc,512 bit userEPC   Class1 Gen2/ISO 18000 6CRead&WriteDownload
Higgs 4128   bit epc,512 bit userEPC   Class1 Gen2/ISO 18000 6CRead&WriteDownload
MONZA 4QT128   bit epc,512 bit userEPC   Class1 Gen2/ISO 18000 6CRead&WriteDownload
Monza 5128   bit epc,32 bit userEPC   Class1 Gen2/ISO 18000 6CRead&WriteDownload
Monza R696bit   epcEPC   Class1 Gen2/ISO 18000 6CRead&WriteDownload
Monza R6-P96bit   epc,32 bit userEPC   Class1 Gen2/ISO 18000 6CRead&WriteDownload
UCODE 7128   bit epcEPC   Class1 Gen2/ISO 18000 6CRead&WriteDownload
UCODE 7m128   bit epcEPC   Class1 Gen2/ISO 18000 6CRead&WriteDownload
Ucode 8128   bit epcEPC   Class1 Gen2/ISO 18000 6CRead&WriteDownload
Ucode 8m96   bit epc,32 bit userEPC   Class1 Gen2/ISO 18000 6CRead&WriteDownload
UCODE DNA224bit   epc,3072 bit userEPC   Class1 Gen2/ISO 18000 6CRead&WriteDownload

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FAQs - NFC Cards

NFC-enabled cards have a logo that appears like four curved lines on the front of the card. This NFC logo indicates that the card is NFC-compliant and can be used with any NFC device.

An NFC cards use near-field communication technology to communicate with a reader. They operate at 13.56 MHz. On the other hand, RFID cards operate at LF (125 kHz), HF (13.56 MHz), or UHF (860-960 MHz) frequencies.

Yes, you can use your NFC card for contactless payments. However, you will need to link your card to your credit or debit card account.

No, NFC cards do not have a magnetic stripe. They use near-field communication technology to communicate with a reader.

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