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Who We Are

In a fast-paced world, RFID and NFC technology bring us the seamless experiences to go places, access spaces, track stuff, and pay cashless. We integrate RFID and NFC technology into different materials to make smart cards, labels, wristbands, tags and so on.

As reliable manufacturing of RFID and NFC technology products, IoT Gallop can help you do more with less using RFID technologies, to make engaging andsmart products.

IoT Gallop believes what you wanna realize based on RFID technologies, then we can make it.

IoT Gallop supports over 500 clients from various fields, including retail & packaged goods, sport &healthcare, beverage& wine, clothing, transport & logistics, and others.

The Certificate of RFID Products

Quality is life, as a professional RFID tags manufacturer, strict quality control process to ensure quality, free samples are provided to customers.

Every Iot Gallop product is manufactured with strict quality control process and every step is bound by ISO 9001:2008 certificate, contact us today for a quick quote!

Why Choose IoT Gallop?

-The Charm of IoTGallop RFID Products Manufacturing Expert-

OEM&ODM Services

We can customize different products for customers, or customers can provide chips or materials for us to process

High Quality

All products are inspected in accordance with the company's ISO9000 standards

rfid inlay

Smal Order Acceptable

Small order is accpeted, we treat every order well.

Wonderfull team

Professional sales team to offer fast response and good service

Long history

13 years experience in RFID&NFC industry.

1 Year Warranty

Each IotGallop chip comes with a one year warranty. If any chip product breaks within one year, just contact us and we will send you a new one.

rfid and nfc tag

Door To Door Delivery

We offer a complete door-to-door service via international express (DHL/UPS/TNT/FedEx), air or sea freight.

Factory Pricing

Source factory, no middlemen to earn the price difference. Make more profit for your company.

Let’s make your vision a reality!

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