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An RFID library tag is used to identify books and other materials in a library. It consists of an integrated circuit (IC) chip and an antenna.
The IC chip stores information that uniquely identifies the item, such as a serial number. On the other hand, the antenna enables the tag to communicate with an RFID reader.
RFID library tags have numerous benefits over traditional barcodes. For instance, they can be read faster and from a greater distance. Additionally, they do not require a direct line of sight, meaning they can be read even when hidden from view.

Item RFID Lirary Tags
Material Copperplatepaper,PET,PVC,ABS
Frequency 13.56MHz,860-960MHz
Protocol 18000-6C/GEN2,ISO15693
Color Customizable
Size Custom
Reading distance 0-10m
Write Endurance 100000times
Working Temperature -25°Cto 65°C
Data Retention Time 10years
Printing Options Laser Engraving,Silkscreen LOGO, Encodingdata,etc.
Crafts Available Logo or number printing, Bar code, QR code, etc.
Samples Free samples
  • Adhesive Backing. Many RFID library tags come with an adhesive backing, making them easy to attach to books and other materials.
  • Flexible Material. Many RFID library tags are made of flexible material, making them less likely to break if bent or dropped.
  • Durable. RFID library tags are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, including being dropped and bent.
  • Asset Tracking. RFID library tags can track the location of books and other materials within a library. This is especially useful for libraries with large collections.
  • Checking Items In and Out. RFID library tags help to automatically check items in and out of a library, without the need for line-of-sight. This is especially useful for libraries with high volumes of traffic.
  • Security. RFID library tags can deter theft and ensure that items are returned to the correct location.
  • Sorting and Filing. RFID library tags can be used to sort and file books and other materials within a library. This is especially useful for libraries with large collections.
Hitag 12048bitISO11784/11785Read&WriteDownload
MIFARE Classic 1k(S50)1K   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Classic 4k(S70)4K   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Ultralight EV 1512bitISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Ultralight C192   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Plus EV2(2K)2K   ByteISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Plus EV2(4K)4K   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Plus SE(2K)2K   ByteISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Plus SE(4K)4K   ByteISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Plus X(2K)2K   ByteISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Plus X(4K)4K   ByteISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Desfire Light640   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Desfire EV3(2K)2K   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Desfire EV3(4K)4K   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
MIFARE Desfire EV3(8K)8K   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
NTAG 213144   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
NTAG 215504 BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
NTAG   216888   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
NTAG 213 Tag Temper144   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
NTAG 424 DNA416   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
NTAG 424 DNA Tag Tamper416   BytesISO14443ARead&WriteDownload
ICODE SLIX896   bitsISO15693/ISO   18000-3M1Read&WriteDownload
ICODE SLIX 22528   bitsISO15693/ISO   18000-3M1Read&WriteDownload
ICODE SLIX-L256   bitsISO15693/ISO   18000-3M1Read&WriteDownload
ICODE SLIX-S1280   bitsISO15693/ISO   18000-3M1Read&WriteDownload
ICODE DNA2016   bitsISO15693/ISO   18000-3M1Read&WriteDownload
Tag-It™ HF-I Standard (TI 256)256   ByteISO15693Read&WriteDownload
Tag-It™ HF-I Plus (TI 2048)2K   BytesISO15693Read&WriteDownload
Higgs 396   bit epc,512 bit userEPC   Class1 Gen2/ISO 18000 6CRead&WriteDownload
Higgs 4128   bit epc,512 bit userEPC   Class1 Gen2/ISO 18000 6CRead&WriteDownload
MONZA 4QT128   bit epc,512 bit userEPC   Class1 Gen2/ISO 18000 6CRead&WriteDownload
Monza 5128   bit epc,32 bit userEPC   Class1 Gen2/ISO 18000 6CRead&WriteDownload
Monza R696bit   epcEPC   Class1 Gen2/ISO 18000 6CRead&WriteDownload
Monza R6-P96bit   epc,32 bit userEPC   Class1 Gen2/ISO 18000 6CRead&WriteDownload
UCODE 7128   bit epcEPC   Class1 Gen2/ISO 18000 6CRead&WriteDownload
UCODE 7m128   bit epcEPC   Class1 Gen2/ISO 18000 6CRead&WriteDownload
Ucode 8128   bit epcEPC   Class1 Gen2/ISO 18000 6CRead&WriteDownload
Ucode 8m96   bit epc,32 bit userEPC   Class1 Gen2/ISO 18000 6CRead&WriteDownload
UCODE DNA224bit   epc,3072 bit userEPC   Class1 Gen2/ISO 18000 6CRead&WriteDownload

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FAQs - RFID Library Tags

An RFID library management system uses RFID tags to track the location of books and other materials within a library. It comprises an RFID reader, RFID tags, and software.

The price of an RFID library management system depends on several factors, such as the number of RFID tags required, the nature of the RFID reader, and the complexity of the software. Overall, prices can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

When choosing an RFID tag, you should consider the type of materials you will be tagging, the environment in which the tags will be used, and your budget. For example, passive RFID tags are generally more affordable than active RFID tags but have a shorter read range.

The read distance of an RFID tag varies depending on the type of tag, the frequency used, and the environment. In general, however, most RFID library tags have a read range of approximately 2 feet.

Yes, RFID tags can be reused. However, you should check with the manufacturer to see if there are restrictions on how many times a tag can be reused.

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